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Who we are

Al-Huqooq was established since 2003 and gained a thorough experience and great expertise in providing the following services .


In  2003, the founder of the company decided to establish this company based on what the labor recruitment process faced in terms of human rights violation , malpractices, human trafficking, by forcing workers to work because of their poor living conditions, and these problems have exacerbated to become a global matter, and those wrong practices must be put to an end. The founder of the company Mr. Hashim Majed took the initiative to establish it and put his personal vision in the competence of this company, as he devised several means that would combat human trafficking and advance the level of human rights regarding expatriate workers, so the company dealt with some countries exporting manpower and provide protection and insurance programs for private and domestic workers, and it became the first company specialized in preserving the rights of workers in Kuwait.


Kuwait became a model to be followed globally, and the company and its founder won the admiration of the US Department of State, where the name of the company and its founder were mentioned in the Human Trafficking Report for the year 2006, under the best international practices, and here we are today, and after years of experience, we offer our services with the best performance to any country that wishes to preserve the rights of its expatriate citizens whose willing to work in the State of Kuwait.



Legal Consultancy

Since 2003, Al-huqooq International Company has appointed a group of legal advisor’s in order to lay the legal foundations for the protection of expatriate workers in Kuwait to work in the private sector and the domestic sector, whose achievements were mentioned in 2006 in the report on human trafficking issued by the US State Department under international best practices. Kuwait at that time is an indication of the achievements of our company, and this is considered a legal certificate of our company's activity in the protection of labor force .


Insurance services

Mr. Hashem Majed, founder of Al-huqooq International Company, invented a unique insurance policy in the field of domestic workers insurance, which came to cover this category of workers facing many risks and problems, and came with this distinguished document for the intervention of the labor-exporting embassies in the State of Kuwait to relieve the burdens and suffering on the Embassies representing the homeland of those workers.


Protection Programs

Mr. Hashem Majed devised a strategy for work and developed legal solutions and established a series of companies to provide effective services and solutions and to form an integrated set of licensed activities to provide integrated services for the labor protection program that the company provided in conjunction with the labor insurance program, where thousands of insured enjoyed the certificates of services provided by The company such as housing, catering, medical services, transportation, legal support...etc


funds collecting

Through statistics and studies for more than twenty years.. we found that most of the problems of migrant workers suffer from an imbalance in the collection of their dues, including salaries, indemnity , vacation allowances, etc. until the company established a department to collect the funds , which continued to collect thousands of claims and achieve success in submitting complaints and receiving The provisions in force in favor of those workers.

We are pleased to state that the above services were provided not only for Kuwaiti nationals but for other nationalities as well. Members of our staff exceed 93 and they consist of Kuwaiti nationals and other nationals representing their respective countries.


We are pleased to state that our services are provided not only to Kuwaiti nationals but for other nationalities as well.

Our Affiliates

To achieve our goals we must involve our employees in a rigorous training program in order to be qualified in the process of protection of rights.

Chairman's message

Founded in 2003, Al-Huqooq International Company (AIC) has an impressive track record of twenty years legacy of partnership with its clients and customers in successfully applying legal consultancy in finding solutions and solving the complicated problems related to issues of human rights, employment, consultancy and insurance.

 We are proud of our reputation as a Protector and Defender of Rights in an innovative manner. Our company culture emphasizes on dedication, respect, and continuous improvement. We measure our success by our customers’ successes.

In a time marked by rapid changes, I am enthusiastic about the opportunities available for us to address the meaning of Rights of our clients and customers.

In order to be better prepared to serve our clients and customers, AIC is investing in its employees, internal training, insurance services, protection programs in addition to provide services in the filed of International investments & Real Estate properties, trade & contracting, skilled labors, tourism & Resorts and Online programmers & designers. We are strengthening our competencies as well as investing in the development of new capabilities to meet the issues related to protection of rights. AIC strives to be recognized as a protector of right and has established programs designed to attract and retain a highly skilled and motivated workforce. Our people are our greatest asset.

We, Al-Huqooq International Company (AIC) have a clear vision for the future and understand how to make the changes necessary to reach it.

Hashem Majed
Chairman and General Manager of Board of Directors

Our Performance

The world today demands to secure and protect the rights of the immigrant workers which we understand very essential and to be highly considered as than ever before.

Looking ahead to the future, the role we play and the resources we draw on, both physically and morally, are more precious than ever to the Clients we do serve, the growth of our Protection, and to the prosperity of our extraordinarily trusted and successful Advocates. That is why it is our proclaimed aim to be the best Company in the Gulf and the World as well.

Our Mission

To be the leader in Rights Protection Sector

Play a strategic role in human rights

With a Head Office in Kuwait, we have international offices around the world with highly qualified staff at all levels

Achieving higher potential for one and all

Our goal to be a leader in all round performance, and to train our employees with high standards in order to represent our Clients and customers for protection of Rights

Teamwork to realize the goals with high spirit and creativity

Boosting the morale staff on the basis of their performance

Empowering the staff through highly sophisticated training program

Respecting the individuals, we undertake the responsibility for being side to side with the worker, our clients and the community.

Acting on ethics we are accountable for all we do with novelty in the protection of Rights.

Our Vision

The world now demands an unprecedented action with a candid view in the field of protection of rights and we seize the opportunity to transform our goals to lead a global force towards Rights Protection.

With unique performance, we look forward to support the drastically changing environment for betterment with our mission, vision and values.